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"I’m thinking about Lestat tonight. I’m thinking about all the “Children of Darkness.” I know in my heart of hearts that Armand and Louis are in New York; and I know Bianca is in Paris. I know David and Jesse are troubled, deeply troubled; and as for Lestat, he’s wandering. Sometimes he spies on the others from afar, like some one gazing at a campfire from the cold concealing darkness of the nearby woods. But he doesn’t go near…."
-Anne Rice (05/02/2013)
Me uno a la nostalgia de Anne Rice.


Tengo ganas terribles de releer las Crónicas Vampíricas.

Oh, Lestat, cuánto haces falta.


I think that BOTDF gets much more hate than they deserve. Yes, they make explicit music that might not be suited to everyone’s taste. I’m not blind. But they’ve really been trying to be more inspirational with their music, and I think everyone deserves a right to their own opinion. I also know…